Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Little "Project"

Hey there, everyone! To those of you who know me, you know that I've constantly got 10,000 ideas and "Projects" going in my head and home. Many of those projects only find themselves half-way done. My husband can attest to that. However, I have spent the last month+ working on THIS current project of mine. I ran across a picture of the cutest Pillowcase Dress one day a few months back and thought "I could DO that!!" As luck would have it, I already had quite a bit of fabric on hand that I needed to do something with, so it seemed to all fall into place! I created my first dress, adjusted my pattern a little bit, and off I went!
This whole thing got started around a GOOD Holiday ~ St. Patricks Day!

I sold 9 of these and COULD have sold more, but wasn't able to get anymore of the fabric. (I'll know for NEXT year!)
After that, Mark (my husband) found a pretty & bright fabric pattern that he said would be really good and "Spring-y" looking. He just knew that people would like them! And they have!
I've sewn pre-made dresses out of MOST of the fabric that I had on hand.....mainly because they were odd lengths and I wanted to have something to show people. I've been blessed so far and hope that this turns into something that I can continue and keep adding to as time goes on!
I am a Stay-at-home mother to my 2 little boys and LOVE them to pieces! (On some days, I'm the one that is loved to Pieces!!!) This project does, however, give me some time to myself (on occasion) and also allows me to contribute financially to our household. I hope that as you follow this blog and see all of the ideas that I come up with, that you will be inspired to want to own a piece of my creativity, or in the least, be inspired to create your own bit of "pretty"!
Thanks for looking and keep checking back!

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