Saturday, March 20, 2010

Launching My Blog & Facebook Fanpage!

I have been working hard to get everything together to LAUNCH "The Fuzzy Chicken" tomorrow (on Sunday!). However, I am going to be out of town with a group of girlfriends for the day! Today has been an action-packed one! I got up when Mark left for work this morning (he is an Engineer for the Town of Boone Fire Department). I got quite a bit done before the boys woke up. Once they got up, we ate breakfast, got our clothes on, and out the door they went to play in the yard! YAY!! It's the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Not 45 minutes later, back in they came claiming to be tired and cold and hungry. This MUST be a boy thing. However......I get tired, cold, & hungry pretty easily maybe it's genetic!

They watched "Chuggington" (their new FAVORITE cartoon) and ate a snack, and then we all went back outside to enjoy the rest of the morning and to take this picture!The sun was hitting just right through the trees and the breeze was gently blowing the dresses around. These are a few of the dresses that I have made and still have on hand! I have already sold 14, so I'm really excited about all of this!

Just to let you know..........I pre-wash the fabric before making the dresses, and then I heat treat and attach the ribbon ties so that they won't come out or fray.

I sew the dresses using French Seams so that the frayed edges won't show. Once the dress is made, I wash it again to make sure that there are no problems with the stitching or ribbons.

I have had WONDERFUL feedback so far from my dresses and would love ANY and ALL feedback in the future! I just want to keep making my ideas BETTER!!

I will be posting my newest dresses/designs on Ebay first and then will move the remaining items (at a reduced price) to Etsy. Please click on my Ebay & Etsy buttons on the upper right side to view the items for sale at each site.

I have really enjoyed making these so far! Hopefully I'll be making many more to come!!

Keep checking back! I will be posting my newest designs and also will be blogging about my experiences making little boys shorts!!!

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