About The Fuzzy Chicken

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at what I've been up to!  My name is Martha and I started The Fuzzy Chicken as a way to earn a little money on the side while being a stay-at-home mommy!  My Husband is employed full-time with one of our area Fire Departments, so between his schedule and the cost of childcare, there weren't many options for me to get a full-time job or even a part-time one that would work around his schedule.

After a lot of prayer and moments of wondering "What am I supposed to do to help out around here financially?" It hit me!  I had a TON of fabric in my basement from where I had bought it over the last few years and I also got a lot from my mother when she and my step-father moved into their new home.  My mother had taught me how to sew pillows and curtains when I was younger, so I already knew my way around a sewing machine.  Then I saw a cute little pillowcase dress one day and thought "I could make those!"  And There you have it!  Things just fell into place!  God answered my prayers!  My sewing machine has held together so far for me and I've had a steady stream of interest in my "designs".  I've thoroughly enjoyed creating these dresses and have really felt as though I was finally "contributing" to our families bottom line!   

Now.............something interesting about me that you may not already know!  I have 2 little BOYS!!!  No girls, just boys!  So............why (many people have asked) make dresses?  Because!  The fabric that I had on hand was pretty girly AND also because those little dresses were pretty simple and easy to start with!  I've already learned several new techniques to help sew these with!  I have, however, started recently making Little Boy's Shorts!  So excited to see what God has in store for me and for my little endeavor!!! 

WHY Name it The Fuzzy Chicken?  Well.....my smallest little person has this fuzzy head of curly hair..........and he's just toooooo cute when it's all messed up and standing up all over!  I started calling him "Fuzzy Chicken" a while back and when thinking of a name for my little hobby, that popped into my mind!  It's catchy and cute and personal to me!  So............The Fuzzy Chicken it is!!

Thanks so much for looking and I'd like to ask you to please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers that we will daily put ourselves where God wants us to be and that everything that we do (or make!) will honor him! 

You have a GREAT DAY and enjoy reading all about The Fuzzy Chicken!!!!!!

Martha ~ The Fuzzy Chicken