Sunday, January 8, 2012

Army Theme Birthday Party!

My little boy turned 7 this past week. He wanted an Army Themed birthday party, so we found a few good ideas to make everything nice for his day.  For the food, we had "Pigs in a Blanket", Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, Grapes, Sliced Apples, Caramel Dip, Broccoli, Carotts, Ranch Dip, Cheese Nips, Chips & Dip, Gummy Bears, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice Cream, & Cake! 
I found some Camouflage tablecloths at Walmart for only $.97 each!  They weren't quite as long as the tables, but no one seemed to mind.

I took some of Creston's Army Men and hung them from strings over the main food table.  These turned out really cute!
I made Creston's chocolate cake and decorated it with a "dirt" road and some of his army toys he already had.   I wound up with an "Army Green" color for the cupcakes. 

We finished decorating with some Green Baloons and a big Tank Baloon from The Party Corner.

For the games, we started out with "Guess how many Army Men are in the Jar" ~ the prize?  All of the Army Men in the jar!  Our next game was an airplane contest where the kids made their own planes, and then "raced" them outside to see who could get theirs to fly the farthest.  Our third game was "Hot Grenade" (played with a Potato).  Our last fun thing was a Tank Pinata from The Party Corner! 

 The candy got a little stuck inside, so we had to "help" get it all out. 
It was a great party and we had great weather so the kids were able to go outside and play quite a bit.  I think they had the most fun just running around chasing each other with their play guns. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012! New Year! Better Blog!

Hello all of my GREAT fans of "The Fuzzy Chicken"! This last year was a busy one, and in turn, I didn't do much posting to this blog, but I decided that this year, I will blog more, and do Facebook just a little bit less! I'm going to link these posts to my Fuzzy Chicken Facebook account, so when I do post here, it'll show up there too!

I hope that each and every one of you had a WONDERFUL Holiday Season! We are finishing up taking down the Christmas decorations today. Yesterday was our oldest little guy's 7th birthday! We also had snow the last few days, so yesterday and today were both Snow Days for him! He and his little brother just came in from sledding! We're supposed to get a few more flurries tonight, so we'll see what tomorrow morning holds!

As I mentioned, I am hoping to blog more all of my new dress and design pictures here first, and also turn this into a crafty idea blog as well. I LOVE crafting just about anything, and I come across so many really great ideas that I'd love to share with all of you.

So..........big plans here....just keep checking back to see what we are up to here at "The Fuzzy Chicken"!