Friday, March 19, 2010

The Fuzzy Chicken........????Why??? I have named my project finally and it will be called "The Fuzzy Chicken". Now...why this name? Well...........I started out as "Patchwork Blessings" because that showed off the sewing aspect of this endeavor and it also held a theme of "A patchwork of this and that to Bless you with". HOWEVER, I couldn't get used to it and wanted something a little more fun, so I got to brainstorming. I was having a hard time until one day while talking to my little guy (Mackie), he said something cute and I fluffed his curly hair and I called him one of the nick-names that I have for him (and sometimes his brother) ~ Fuzzy Chicken (it's all about the hair!) Suddenly bells went off in my head and it clicked and I LIKED IT!!! It sounded FUN and BRIGHT and Kid-friendly!!! Big-Kid-Friendly too!

So.......................I may play around with the actual Logo from time to time, but from here on out, we will be known as "The Fuzzy Chicken"!

(You will find that I LOVE to write and tell stories.....and I LOVE to use punctuation incorrectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :o)

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