Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Dress Alert!!!

Here are 2 new dresses! Last Sunday evening I posted 2 dresses that have since become 1 of a kind (since I couldn't find any more of that fabric with which to create replicas!). I'm thinking about just making these "Sunday Auction Specials" one of a kinds. A lot of people like the fact that their child is wearing something that no one else has, so we'll see how this works!
Here is the most vibrantly colored Summer Dress! It's 20" long and would be adorable on your little 2 year old or on your older little girl as a really cute top over shorts! I LOVE the citrus colors on this and think of warm weather when I look at it! Thank the Lord for Summer weather!

Here is one of the cutest and colorful floral patterns I've seen in a while! There are so many colors going on in this one, that you could pair this dress/top with any number of little shorts! It is 15" long and would make the PERFECT top for your 4-6 year old! So girly and whimsical!

BOTH of these dresses are listed on Ebay in 7-day Auctions! Hop on over to to check them out and to see all of the other dresses and shorts that are listed!!!

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